Tony's Chocoloney

Milk Hazelnut Tony's Fairtrade Chocolate 47g (CONTAINS NUTS)


This Fairtrade Milk Hazelnut Chocolate snack bar is ethically made, 100% slave labour-free and something to go nuts about. This creamy milk chocolate bar has a blend of 32% cocoa milk and chewy hazelnuts. This ethical milk chocolate bar is wonderfully whacky with blocks in irregular sizes to show how profits in the global chocolate industry are unfairly divided. This chocolate bar has a green wrapper and is just the right size for an indulgent treat whenever you need a pick-me-up.

IngredientsSugar*, dry whole milk, cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, hazelnut 10%, emulsifier: soy lecithin. Cocoa solids 32% min. *Fairtrade.

Nutritional Values:
per 100 gram
Energy - 2338 kJ / 560 kcal
Fat - 36,3 gram
Of which saturates - 18,5 gram
Carbohydrate - 47,80 gram
Of which sugars - 46,4 gram
Protein - 8,4 gram
Salt - 0,19 gram

Allergens: May contain traces of gluten, egg, peanuts, and other nuts.

Tony’s Chocolonely is the yummy brainchild of Teun van de Keuk – a Dutch journalist who exposed child slave  labour in the chocolate in the cocoa industry. Teun (Dutch for Tony) was shocked to discover how rife slave labour of both children and adults is in West Africa where 60% of the world's cocoa beans are grown and decided to take action. In 2005, he set up his own Fairtrade chocolate business, making delicious chocolate bars that are guaranteed to be grown and manufactured in a process that excludes slave labour. Break the chains of slavery with each bite.

Tony’s chocolonely chocolate is certified Fairtrade – a certification standard that sets minimum social and environmental standards for the growers and environment, and sets a minimum price for co-operatives. The cocoa beans used to make this bar are farmed in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Some of the beans used to make Tony’s chocolonely chocolate is organically farmed as the prime focus is on tackling the social harm caused by the cocoa industry, the bars cannot be certified as organic.

Eco-friendly at every step, Tony’s chocolonely is made using cocoa beans grown by co-operatives who using environmentally-friendly methods with minimal pesticides and chemical fertilisers and without deforestation. To reduce the impact of climate change on cocoa farmers, all emissions from Tony’s chocolonely manufacturing processes are offset by Justdiggit – an environmental organisation that supports projects that cool down the planet. Tony’s chocolonely chocolate bars have eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging. 180g bars are packaged in aluminium foil and 100% recycled, uncoated paper, with other goodies packaged with a blend of recycled and sustainably sourced FSC-certified paper. When you finish your bar, just pop the wrapper into your recycling container.

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