Gears Activity Tile- Development Toy

      • Features
          • Gear themed activity tile
          • Multi-sensory toy which stimulates a variety of senses, sparking curiosity and skills
          • Ethically made from sustainable wood
          • Decorated in gentle non-toxic paints
          • Kid safe, always 

          Turn Around! A wonderful way to see cause and effect as the interlocking wooden cogs rotate. One of six wooden hexagon shaped activity 'deco-play' tiles tessellated like honeycombs, collect them all. Each can be wall mounted, played with on a table top or even on the floor.

  • Suitable for ages - 18 months+

    W:198mm D:31-41mm H:176mm

Petilou Collection

We use sustainable materials, non-toxic paints and ensure kid safe edges for safe play every day. Sensory layers of colours, sounds, textures and discovery foster curiosity and encourage early learning through play. Petilou wooden toys quickly become well loved family favourites, for generations to come. 

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