NEW IN! The Mystery of the invisible theif-NEW IN!!



Yoto Says: Who (or what) is thieving in Peterswood? A series of gigantic footprints are leaving the Five Find Outers pretty stumped! Can you figure it out? 

There's a mysterious burglar in Peterswood. No one has seen the thief, but there are huge footprints and handprints left behind at every robbery. Who could possibly have feet that big? Fatty, Daisy, Larry, Pip, Bets and Buster the Dog are sure to find out!

In the original 1950 text, Fatty's nickname is based on the fact that his initials are F.A.T. as well as his size. All references to his size have been removed from this recording (based on the text from 2016) so that Fatty's nickname refers to his initials only.

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