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Octavia the Bubble Maker | Babydoll dress


Have you ever wondered how the ocean’s bubble are made? Did a fish burp or was it a really big wave? Imagine if it was an octopus on the ocean floor. Curious? Well, let’s tell her story a little more…

Meet the creature who just wants to make friends and what better way than by turning the ocean to bubbles! Discover how, Octavia's full story card comes with your garment.

  • Made of 95% Globally Certified Organic Cotton and 5% elastane.
  • Peaceful aqua blue with an Octopus orange trim.
  • Gentle gathers that fall beautifully into the skirt.
  • Side pockets to fill with curious things. 
  • True to size with a year of growing room.
  • Layer for warmth with Octavia's bubble leggings.

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