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This Fairtrade Extra Dark Chocolate bar is the ultimate chocolatey Tony's Chocolonely bar for keen chocoholics with a super rich 70% cocoa content. That's a whole lot of cocoa beans for your buck. This Fairtrade dark chocolate is perfect for an indulgent snack and for cooking with too. This ethical chocolate bar has a bright blue wrapper and is 100% slave-free chocolate. This dark chocolate bar is wonderfully whacky with blocks in irregular sizes to show how profits in the global chocolate industry are unfairly divided. The bottom of the bar has a design that represents the map of equatorial West Africa, home to 60% of the world's cocoa beans. This chocolate bar is big enough to share - if you have to!

This bar is suitable for vegetarians and vegans however it has an allergy warning on the label stating it may contain traces of non vegan ingredients. 

Ingredientscocoa mass*, sugar*, cocoa butter*, emulsifier: soylecithin. Cocoa solids 70% min. *Fairtrade.

Nutritional Values:
per 100 gram
Energy - 2355 kJ / 563 kcal
Fat - 42,3 gram
Of which saturates - 25,4 gram
Carbohydrate - 30,7 gram
Of which sugars - 
27,1 gram
Protein - 7,8 gram
Salt - 0,02 gram

Allergens: May contain peanuts and traces of gluten, eggs, milk and nuts. 

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