How do I join? Click on the Blue Penguin at the bottom right of the page.

What is SSL Loyalty Programme? This is a programme where you can earn points ( B coins) for spending online.

How do you earn B Coins? As a SSL Loyalty Member you will earn B Coins every time you buy items online. You will earn 3 B Coins per £1 and these points turn into vouchers. You will get your first £5 voucher after you earn just 240 B-Coins. 

What is the SSL Friend Referral Scheme? There is a friend referral programme. When you click refer a friend you will get a link to a code... send this to a friend through email or social media...this is a £5* voucher for them to spend online. (*min £20 spend) Once they have used this voucher, you too will then be sent a £5* voucher to spend (*min £20 spend). You will find this on your dashboard. 

SSL Birthday Voucher- When you sign up to our loyalty programme you will be asked if you would like a gift on your birthday. All you need to do is add your birthday details and you will receive 240 B coins on your birthday which is the same as a £5 off voucher.