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Fair Trade and Handmade Wood Rainbow in traditional colors

Traditional wooden rainbow puzzle, handmade from sustainable wood in rainbow colours - ideal for your nursery. Part of a range of traditional wooden toys this 7 piece puzzle offers multiple uses and endless possibilities for open-ended play. Features: - Handmade from sustainable wood in contrasting colors - Suitable for 3 yrs + - Made in Sri Lanka by our WFTO fair trade production partner - Boxed, but packaging does not show the whole product which some shops find an issue, and some remove box to sell - Ideal for the modern nursery These rainbows are handmade so they are not as uniform as wooden rainbows made in a factory. They may not sit flat on the shelf, there may be gaps between the arches, there may be small imperfections in the grain so the surface isn't totally smooth. This doesn't mean it is faulty, it means it's handmade from scratch so cannot be uniform. Each rainbow toy is unique and individual just like rainbows themselves and this is something we like to celebrate!

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