Clark, Emily-Jane


  • Description
    A humorous alternative to purportedly ‘useful’ sleep advice. Including chapters such as What to Expect (When Nothing Is Anything Like You Expected When You Were Expecting) and How Not To Lose Friends and Irritate People When You Have Babies, this book will make even the most stressed parent laugh. Combining Emily-Jane's own experiences in emotive detail (the good, the bad and the funny) with a series of tongue-in-cheek guides, charts, subversive imagery and NO-sleep solutions, this is a source of inspiration and hope for new mums and dads.
    • Details
      • Author: Clark, Emily-Jane
      • Publisher: Kyle Books
      • Format: Paperback
      • Publication Date: 15/05/2017
      • ISBN: 9780857834317
      • B-Code: B029781
      • Illustrated: Illustrations
      • Pages: 176
      • Dimensions: 200x154mm

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