Tonie Character: Red Panda : Land Rescues with Nina the Conservation Crew - Tonies (3+ years)

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    The Earth’s wilderness is in danger and the Conservation Crew are here to help.

    Join Nina and her pals as they adventure across the world to save wild places and the animals who live there.

    Age 4+

    List of titles:

    01 - Introduction
    02 - Flamingo Ballet
    03 - The March of the Elephants
    04 - Koala Calamity
    05 - The Spirit of the Forest
    Running Time

    approx. 43 minutes

    Age Recommendation

    Age 4+



    Special features

    Magnetic, hand-painted

    Included in delivery

    1x Tonie


    WLAN with internet connection and Toniebox required.

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