Tonie Character- The Lion Inside- Rachel Bright Series Tonie

  • Rachel Bright Lion inside Tonie is a great addition to your Tonies collection. These Tonies will always be discounted here in the UK. FREE UK post over £25

    Meet a meek little mouse who wishes he could roar like a lion, stubborn wolf cub Wilf who won’t ask for help and Humphrey the whale who never has enough, in this delightful collection of rhyming tales.

    Age 3+

    List of titles:

    01 - The Lion Inside
    02 - The Way Home for Wolf
    03 - The Whale Who Wanted More
    04 - The Lion Inside – Listen Again!
    05 - The Lion Inside Quiz
    Running Time

    approx. 35 minutes

    Age Recommendation

    Age 3+



    Special features

    Magnetic, hand-painted

    Included in delivery

    1x Tonie


    WLAN with internet connection and Toniebox required.

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