Tonie Character - National Geographic - Whale Tonie (5+ years)


Prepare for a whale of a time as you dive deep into a big learning adventure under the sea!
On your aquatic quest you’ll discover the ocean's largest and most majestic mammals, meeting humpback, blue and beluga whales, while learning all kinds of fascinating facts along the way.
How are these different to the How & Why Tonies?
Our National Geographic Tonies are heavily speech-based, factual and detailed content. If your little one has a passion for nature they'll LOVE learning more about these amazing topics of discovery.
You can listen to the audio sample for more details.

Age 5+

List of titles

01 - Wonderful Whales
02 - Flip a Fin!
03 - Meet the Whales
04 - Ocean Home
05 - Whale Chat
06 - On the Menu
07 - Baby Whale
08 - Caring for Whales

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